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DataFactory was founded in 1986 primarily to service the Melbourne market. By 1997 the firm's expertise was in demand for projects as far afield as China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Today our electrical engineering knowledge is put to use Australia wide, particularly to repair servo drives and complex electronic boards regardless of their type or age. This is a market where the knowledge and tools are all but nonexistent in Australia.

With CNC machines particularly we consistently provide servo drives repairs in half the time and at half the cost of the machines' manufacturers, only two of whom have workshops in Australia.

To ensure absolute quality with servo drive repairs we have invested heavily in testing equipment and run several databases on drives dating back to 1989. We also have the ability to reverse engineer drives and have power testing facilities to simulate onsite conditions using a military style 100 hour test.

Our electronic board repair area has the capacity to repair boards to defence standards using our Vision system that allows us to examine large scale integration invisible to the human eye.

Our oscilloscopes also give us network communications monitoring abilities as part of the board testing protocols. Pressurised clean rooms add to our arsenal along with soldering stations that allow us to re-work with surface-mount 256-pin microprocessors.
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